Benefits of Enagic Kangen Water

Benefits of Enagic Kangen Water

Enagic Kangen Water: The Benefits

Researched by Horst Filtzer, M.D.,and Clifton H.Jolley,Ph.D.

as directed, reviewed,and edited by Mitch Goldstein & Jeff Babener

Alkaline Water Benefits

Why you should have an Alkaline Water machine? Why you should drink Kangen water? Our passion is to transform the tap water in your home into pure healthy electrolyzed-reduced and hydrogen-rich drinking water. In this article there are some  Benefits of Enagic Kangen Water

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Hydration & Drinkability

Alkaline water is an excellent source of healthful hydration,

because not only does it taste better with a superior mouthfeel, it is more readily absorbed by the body, increasing the “drinkability” of the water by reducing the feeling of being “bloated” by drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. In side-by-side taste tests, most people can taste the difference!

Nutritional Catalyst

Alkaline water has been demonstrated by a number of peer reviewed, published scientific studies to improve delivery to the cells of specific nutrition. For instance, one study indicates an increase in the uptake of sodium and potassium and another the uptake of calcium. There are a number of functionalities thought to be the reason for this benefit, such as the phenomenon referred to as the “Micro Clustering” of alkaline water.

Micro Clustering

A university study has evidenced a phenomenon it identifies as “micro clustering,” which refers to the exceptionally small “structured” molecules of alkaline water. Numerous benefits have been suggested in association with the phenomenon of micro clustering.

Healthy Digestion and Elimination

Alkaline water supports healthy digestion and the natural processes of waste elimination. For this and other reasons, alkaline water has been demonstrated to be an excellent support of healthy weight management goals.

Healthy Weight Management

It has been well documented that ample hydration during periods of exercise and other weight maintenance regimens is not only useful but essential. Alkaline water promotes the transit of nutrition to the cell and waste out of the cell. Additionally, frequent hydration with alkaline water supports the health of the stomach and the colon while promoting healthy elimination. During periods of fasting and calorie reduction, increased hydration promotes a feeling of fullness while sustaining the cells and organs of the body with essential hydration. In conjunction with a sensible routine of exercise and calorie restriction, alkaline water is a healthful support to sensible weight management.

Free Radical Scavenging

Alkaline water supports the wellness of the organs of the body while promoting the health of organs of the body. Part of the reason for these benefits is that alkaline water has been demonstrated to be an anti-oxidant free radical scavenger.

Encouraging Longevity

All the benefits scientifically recognized and anecdotally reported participate in supporting wellness and longevity. Additionally, the natural benefits of water are encouraged and enhanced by alkalinity, which is recognized in numerous scientific papers and studies to be the state in which water is most harmonious with the physiological wellness benefits of water.

Acidic Water Personal Hygiene

Acidic water—referred to in Asia as “Beauty Water”— is an effective external cleaning agent for use in personal hygiene (external cleansing and bathing, etc.)

Strong Acidic  Water Toxic-free Cleaning

A number of manufacturers build industrial multi-purpose cleaning machines (floor cleaners, etc.) that use only strong acidic water as the cleaning agent. Similarly, swimming pool systems are migrating from harsh chlorine systems to ionizing acidic water systems to keep pools clean.

Environmentally Green

One of the reasons strong acidic water is being adopted by institutions as diverse as hospitals and custodial services is that acidic water is non-polluting. Introduced into the environment, both acidic and strong acidic water rapidly return to waterʼs resting pH. Kangen acidic waters are naturally free of phosphates and other pollutants that risk our environment and the future of our world. Kangen alkaline water is similarly non-polluting.

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