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It is important to keep a check on the water that you drink. The quality of water has an impact on your health, and hence you must also option for good purifiers. The Japan-based company Enagic offers some of the most brilliant water purification machines that work on the latest technology with Japanese craftsmanship.

About Leveluk 501

One such machine from the Enagic family is the Leveluk Super 501. In fact, it happens to be one of the tops of the line model that is designed for heavy usage. It won’t be an exaggeration to state that there is no other water ionizer in the market that can be compared to this amazing one!

The highly productive machine comes with 7 and 5 electrode plates, a twin hose system, an industry-leading cleaning system, a built-in tank for the electrolysis enhancer, and a water pressure regulating function. This machine is simply perfect for a large family.


As mentioned above, it is a powerful machine that can meet the needs of a large family unit. The top of the line model is suitable for heavy home usage or small business needs. Not just that, the Leveluk super 501 benefits can be derived by agricultural colleges and spas as well owing to the high-performance of the machine. The machine generates 5 types of water, namely- strong Kangen water, strong acidic water, Kangen water, neutral water, and beauty water.

The Leveluk 501 is super easy to use. You just need to press the button, and you get instant access to 5 types of water. Once you touch the button, the machine will confirm the water you have selected. And within a few moments, the machine will produce healthy and ionized water. The super 501 also notifies when it is time to change the water filter. You will see a message on the LCD panel and get a buzzer sound.

The highly productive machine produces 5 types of pure Enagic water with the help of 12 platinum-coated 99.97% pure titanium electrode plates. These electrodes provide countless uses around the home and business. If you need a bigger water purifying machine, the Super 501 Leveluk will suffice your needs.

The super 501 Leveluk comes with the same quality of built-in electrolysis enhancer tank as the SD501. The machine can generate up to 2 gallons of water in one minute and can continue to do so for 30 minutes in a single time. This means you will never feel the shortage of water when this powerful machine is around. The hefty machine also flaunts 2 flexible pipes- one is designed for Kangen water and another one for beauty water.

The machine cleans itself periodically, which is controlled by a microcomputer. The smart filter technology also tells you when it is time to change the filters.

If you are looking forward to having purified water and gain all the above-mentioned benefits, the Leveluk 501 machine is the right choice for you.

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