How Does a Kangen Water Machine Work?

Kangen Water machine is surely the talk of the town lately, and you may even be fully aware of its benefits. If you want to learn the basics, read this blog. Although the advantages of Kangen Water may be a part of your knowledge, the mechanism of the Kangen Machine is probably still a mystery to you.

Well, we assure you that the process is straightforward and quick, pretty much like this blog!The Kangen Machine performs electrolysis on standard tap water using charged plates, splitting the water and producing alkaline water and acidic water. These two types of water may be distinct, but they both possess significant purposes. All you need is the water running from your tap and your Kangen Water Machine.The alkaline water is best for consumption, as it has numerous rewards like softer skin and optimal hydration. Moreover, alkaline water can also be used for the removal of stains, preparing vegetables, cleaning cutting boards, and preparing delicious drinks, soups, and curries. 

acidic water plays different roles

 The machine also performs micro-clustering, which is the process of breaking down the macro-clusters into smaller groups of four to six molecules, or micro-clusters. These micro-clusters are easily assimilated, hydrated, and absorbed. Another function of the Kangen Water Machine is anti-oxidation, which prevents the living tissues in a human body from oxidizing. This property helps repair cells and keeps your body fresh and flexible.So to sum it up, the Kangen Water Machine performs electrolysis and produces basic water and acidic water.

Why Do We Need Kangen Water™

Kangen Water™ is pristine, advantageous water created with the help of Enagic’s revolutionary water technology. 

The machine ensures your tap water is filtered and safe to drink, and also produces ionized alkaline and acidic waters through the process of electrolysis.

Each machine can produce various different types of water, each serving a significant yet different purpose.

Strong Kangen Water™ pH 11

This is high alkaline water that is not fit for consumption. However, it can surely maintain immaculate cleaning and hygiene in your life. 

Strong Kangen Water™ has dissolving and heat conducting benefits, making it useful for daily usage.

Uses of Strong Kangen Water™

  • Got a stain? The strength and absorption power of Strong Kangen Water™ will remove any oil, coffee, etc., stain without a hassle!
  • Strong Kangen Water™ can be used while preparing food as it removes the rawness from vegetables like green onions and wasabi.
  • Strong Kangen Water™ quickly rinses off the detergent and easily cleans cutting boards and dishcloths. You will be saving on water bills and spending less time in the kitchen!

Kangen Water™ pH 8.5 - 9.5

The ideal water type for drinking and cooking. This rich-in-hydrogen water works to restore your body to an alkaline state, which promotes excellent health benefits.

Furthermore, you will not have to buy expensive and pollutive bottles of water as Kangen Water™ is budget-friendly and works for several uses.

Uses of Kangen Water™

  • Kangen Water™ has a subtly sweet flavor, tastes lighter, and has no unpleasant odor (unlike tap water) making it the best drinking water! 
  • The flavor of ingredients is drawn out while cooking, making them tender and juicy and requiring less seasoning. You can also clean vegetables and fish with Kangen Water™, also pre-boiling vegetables in it to enhance the flavor. 
  • Kangen Water™’s extractable abilities help you achieve a rich taste of coffee or tea even if you use less of it. The pleasant aroma, color, and taste will surely satisfy you!
  • Give a new life to your plants by watering them with Kangen Water™ and watch it increase germination and better the development of seedlings.

Clean Water pH 7

This delicious drinking water is free of any chlorine, rush, and cloudiness. It can also be called “Neutral Water” due to it having a pH of 7.

Uses of Clean Water

  • Prepare baby food with this water to ensure no harmful minerals affect the baby.
  • Neutral water is ideal for drinking while taking your medication as it is easily absorbed by your body.


Beauty Water pH 4 – 6

Beauty Water is basically slightly acidic water that also works as an astringent. For those seeking gentle cleaning and beauty care, this water is ideal!

Uses of Beauty Water

  • Wash your face with Beauty Water as it works in toning and firming your skin.
  • Replace your conditioner with Beauty Water and use it after shampooing to reduce tangling and add a shine to your hair. 
  • Wash your pets with this water and brush them afterward to ensure soft and shiny fur.
  • Spray your food with this water before freezing it so the original flavor is retained even after thawing it out.
  • Use it for removing dirt from floors and tiles without leaving a sticky layer.
  • Polish your mirrors, glasses, and windows with this water to make them glisten.


Strong Acidic Water pH 2.7

Strong Acidic Water is not suitable for drinking. However, it works as a disinfectant and works well to sanitize and clean your kitchen.

Uses of Strong Acidic Water

  • Clean countertops, utensils, and other kitchen areas with its disinfecting properties
  • Clean your hands, mouth, and even your toothbrush to ensure no bacteria remains.
  • Use as a disinfectant if you are a worker or a business owner belonging to the health and beauty industry. Moreover, pet shops and nursing homes definitely require water with disinfecting properties.

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