The Three Properties of Kangen Water™

Properties of Kangen Water, Kangen Water is famously known as magical water and a way of transforming your lifestyle into a healthier one. If you are wondering what Kangen Water really is and how it can help you in your daily routine, read our blog Why Do We Need Kangen Water™?

You may be aware of how healthy and helpful Kangen Water is, but this blog will help thoroughly explain the science behind these several benefits.

The Properties of Kangen Water

♦ Anti-Oxidation – Have you ever seen an apple turn brown 30 minutes after cutting it? This process is famously known as “oxidation”. 

Did you know that the same thing happens to us, humans? The living tissue of our bodies oxidizes and leads to sickness and aging.

This is where Kangen Water steps in with its strong anti-oxidant property, which helps repair cells and keeps your body fresh and flexible.

♦ Micro-Clustering – Clusters are grouped water molecules and there are at least 15 of them in each group in tap water. These macro-clusters can only be digested in parts of the body where they fit. However, ionization helps break down these clusters into smaller groups of 4-6 molecules and these micro-clusters are easily assimilated, hydrated, and absorbed.

♦ Alkalinization – Alkaline is referred to any substance with a pH level greater than 7.

An unhealthy lifestyle and negativity turn our body into an acidic disease which makes us prone to diseases, some being fatal. However, the alkalinity of Kangen Water helps maintain the ideal pH of the body and neutralizes the acidic wastes in your body.


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